Roja was a Minister in the previous Cabinet. Roja used to have a darshan of Lord Venkateswara Swamy almost once a week. She used to have protocol darshan along with about 100 people every time.

There were allegations that Roja was facilitating Protocol Darshan by collecting huge amounts misusing her position.

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Talk in her constituency is that Roja earned massive amounts using these Protocol Darshans.

People are urging that Roja’s Darshans should be investigated.

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The Aadhar card details of all the people along with Roja if available with TTD can easily help track the people.

The other day, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said the cleansing of the systems would begin with TTD itself.

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If these allegations against Roja are true, action on her will set the right precedent for all public representatives.

In the recent elections, Roja was defeated in Nagari by a whopping 45,004 votes margin. When the Polling was in progress, Roja spoke to Sakshi TV and made allegations about her own party leaders ditching her.

After the results, she was completely out of radar. Even as some YSR Congress leaders were coming before the Press, she remained silent.