IPL Elections 2024

This year, the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Lok Sabha elections coincided, creating a unique advertising bonanza from March to May. This rare overlap led to a surge in ad spending.

The IPL season brought substantial returns for sponsors and advertisers due to record viewership on both TV and digital platforms, even with moderate ad rates. TV reach has already far surpassed the previous season’s 505 million viewers. Digital reach is also set to exceed the previous season’s 450 million viewers.

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Cricket and politics, being fervently followed in India, presented a unique opportunity for brands.

The April-June quarter has become a catalyst for various marketing mediums due to the dual excitement of cricket and politics.

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IPL is the largest media property in India, providing brands with unmatched reach and exposure. But this year, not so surprisingly, elections have surpassed IPL in terms of advertising.

When IPL and elections happen simultaneously, the demand for advertising increases. Both events attract massive attention, driving higher foot traffic and viewership. Advertisers capitalize on this excitement to effectively reach their target audience.

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Out-of-home advertising gained prominence due to its ability to capture top-of-mind awareness. The visibility of billboards and other outdoor media ensures constant brand recall as people move about.

Despite debates on which event, IPL or elections, contributed more, the surge in total advertising revenue benefited the industry.

Brands anticipated a 20-25% increase in advertising budgets compared to normal years.

During elections, political parties collectively spend around Rs 200-250 crore on outdoor media, including billboards and wall paintings.

The convergence of IPL and Lok Sabha elections has created a lucrative period for advertisers, with significant increases in viewership and ad spending.