YSR Congress is alleging that EVMs in the recent Andhra Pradesh Elections were hacked and the results were tampered with in favor of TDP+.

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YSR Congress leaders including Jagan were coming up with ridiculous theories about the EVM Hacking.

Earlier today, Jagan posted a message on X. “In electoral practices across the world in almost every advanced democracy, paper ballots are used, not EVMs.
We too must move towards the same in upholding the true spirit of our democracy,” he wrote.

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Jagan has come under severe criticism for insulting the public mandate.

India has 96.88 registered voters and out of them, 64.2 Crore voters have exercised their mandate. In Andhra Pradesh, the voter turnout is more than 82%.

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Even all that does not qualify for an advanced democracy for Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Jagan’s words and actions are exactly the opposite.

If Jagan has an issue with the EVMs, Public statements will not help.

He should have approached the Supreme Court.

Or else, there is a provision with the Election Commission.

For the recent elections, the Election Commission allowed aggrieved unsuccessful candidates securing second and third places in poll results to seek verification of microcontroller chips embedded in five percent EVMs per assembly constituency on a written request upon payment of 47,200 Rupees per EVM.

The candidates can get 5% of the EVMs checked and pay the necessary fee.

In case they are proven right, their fees will be waived.

The aggrieved candidates can apply for the EVM check within seven days of the declaration of results. That means the time already lapsed in Andhra Pradesh.

Jagan alone can fund all the candidates in 175 constituencies just like that.

Without doing both things, Jagan is just cheating himself and cheating his followers.

Maybe he is aware that he is lying and believes all these are waste of time.

But this mentality will do no good to YSR Congress, if Jagan comes term to the fact that his misrule defeated him, there is a chance to make corrections. Or people will not forgive him the next time as well.