Jagan Odarpu Yatra

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy not only led his party to eleven (11) seats out of 175 in the AP assembly election, he also showed disastrous ruling to the people of his state, which is already broken due to bifurcation.

He released a recorded speech video addressing his MLAs who lost, and the speech followed the same old template claiming he brought revolutionary changes to the system. He questioned what happened to all the love of avva thathayyalu, asking why his efforts of ‘Button Nokkudu’ did not bring him votes.

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As everyone expected, he is already looking at another Odarpu Yatra, this time using the excuse of meeting the YCP leaders who got hurt due to TDP’s attacks post-elections.

It may sound funny, and you may laugh uncontrollably, but Jagan is known for such things, and there is no surprise if he starts a statewide Odarpu Yatra until the next election in the name of this excuse.

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But the bigger question is, will Chandrababu Naidu allow it again?

Babu openly said several times he allowed Jagan to do his Padayatra without any issues, and in fact, the government under Naidu’s rule provided security to him. But Jagan and IPAC ran malicious propaganda against him day in and day out, and recently we have seen how Jagan created issues for Lokesh’s Padayatra.

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It is unlikely that Naidu will let Jagan continue this Odarpu drama one more time, and even the public will not take Jagan seriously as they are the ones who outrightly rejected him in the first place.