Mla Bolisetti Srinivas

TV channels like TV9, often seen as unofficial extensions of the pro-YCP media, are persistently targeting TDP and Janasena in Andhra Pradesh.

In a recent TV9 discussion, reporter Rajnikanth attempted to corner Janasena MLA Bolisetti Srinivas with a pointed question: “Janasena is the bridge between TDP and BJP, and is crucial to their strong bond. Will you continue to support this alliance and contribute to the state’s welfare?”

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Bolisetti’s response was swift and firm: “What kind of question is this, Rajnikanth Garu? It’s like asking a bride and groom at their wedding if they plan to stay married or get divorced tomorrow. Does such a question even deserve an answer?”

He continued, “Today, Chandrababu Naidu has taken the oath as Chief Minister and Pawan Kalyan has become the Deputy CM. On such a significant day, your question is absurd.”

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He added, “Yes, we will continue our collaboration with TDP and BJP to ensure the state benefits fully. Your question is not only unfair but also disrespectful. We have sacrificed our properties and much more for the welfare of Andhra Pradesh. Our victory comes after immense struggles. Do not belittle it. No one dared to speak against the tyranny of YS Jagan’s government, including the puppet media.”

When Bolisetti started criticizing media outlets like TV9, Rajnikanth tried to interrupt him.

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