Former CBI Joint Director Lakshmi Narayana took VRS and joined Politics. He contested for Vishaka Parliament in 2019 on Janasena ticket but lost.

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Lakshmi Narayana cut into the votes of TDP and helped the YSR Congress candidate win by a small margin.

After the elections, he left Janasena citing the non-serious Politics of Pawan Kalyan.

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He floated Jai Bharath National Party and fielded candidates in a few seats.

He himself contested from Vishakapatnam North and lost the deposit. He managed to get only 5,160 votes while an independent Vaddi Sirisha polled 5,311 votes.

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The rest of the candidates of his party also proved ineffective and lost deposits in all the seats.

Lakshmi Narayana is a classic case of wasting People’s confidence.

Vizag people could not digest the fact that he emerged as a vote-cutter benefitting the YSR Congress candidate in 2019.

Also, JD Lakshminarayana became a non-serious politician after leaving Janasena. In some YouTube interviews, he also made a few comments favoring Jagan that dented his support base completely.

If he continued in Janasena, he would have easily won from whichever seat he contested.

Also, he would have been a guaranteed pick for the cabinet today.