A single moment can change the fate of someone upside down. What used to be the number one party in Telangana six months ago, is now struggling to survive in the political arena.

Yes, we are talking about Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), headed by former Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao.

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The defeat in last year’s assembly elections was the first point of BRS’s downfall. Later, a series of scams and scandals surrounded its leaders. Many of its senior MLAs and leaders switched to either Congress or BJP.

After coming into power, Congress targeted BRS and exposed all scandals done by the previous government in no time. It helped the Congress party in Lok Sabha polls.

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On the other side, the BJP rode high on the wave of Narendra Modi during the Lok Sabha elections. Their chances in assembly elections were affected due to Kavitha’s case.

However, they made sure to arrest her before the Lok Sabha elections, which also created an impact in shifting BRS’s votes to the BJP.

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Chief Minister Revanth Reddy led Congress’s campaign all by himself by touring every constituency. His statements about BJP’s Hindutva politics helped him gain good votes among certain communities.

On the other side, KCR and its leaders projected the assembly’s defeat as a mistake made by the people. Reportedly, they also tried bribing voters in all constituencies.

But none of their plans worked. Even KCR’s Bus Yatra failed to create any impact and the party ended up winning zero seats.

Experts opined that people are not in a position to fall for KCR’s words anymore. They opined that people are well aware of the back-door politics done by KCR.

It was stated that the citizens of Telangana won’t forget the corruption done by BRS and the anarchic personality of KCR.

Social media also played a major role in gaining votes in these elections. BJP and Congress used the medium effectively against BRS.

More BRS MLAs are expected to shift to the national parties in the coming days. The party is in the lowest phase right now. It has to be seen how KCR would pull off things from here. As of now, all his tyres are ‘punctured’ by the Congress and BJP.