Bharat Rashtra Samithi, which used to be a top party in Telangana six months ago, is now struggling to survive in the state.

The defeat in the assembly elections started the downfall of BRS. It was followed by senior leaders switching to either Congress or BJP, various corruption allegations and the phone-tapping scandal. All these factors affected the image of BRS among people.

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It was reflected in the Lok Sabha elections as BRS failed to win a single seat this time. The party won nine MP seats in 2019 but failed to win a single seat in 2024.

When his party is in deep crisis, its supremo K. Chandrashekar Rao is in his usual incognito mode and has disappeared from public life.

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One of the major reasons behind BRS’s defeat in the Lok Sabha elections was the unavailability of KCR to the public.

He was called the dictator who ruled from his farmhouse and Pragathi Bhavan rather than from the state secretariat. He was never available to the public in person.

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After a humiliating loss in the assembly elections, KCR came out in public and campaigned for Lok Sabha elections. However, his efforts went in vain and BRS suffered a crushing defeat.

When a party suffers such a loss first time in history, its leader should be active in maintaining the cadre and rebuilding the trust of the public.

However, KCR is still preferring to stay away from people. He was not seen anywhere after the Lok Sabha polls. Meanwhile, his party leaders are jumping to other parties, further weakening him.

Even at these testing times, KCR is sending the wrong message to his party leaders and the public by staying away from them. People are wondering when will he learn a lesson.