Kishan Reddy Bandi Sanjay

Two from Telangana are picked for Modi’s Cabinet. Kishan Reddy and Bandi Sanjay were picked to represent Telangana at the National level.

There are mixed reactions to these choices.

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This is the third chance for Kishan Reddy in Delhi. He was an MoS and a Cabinet Minister earlier.

Kishan Reddy was brought to the State Politics before the Telangana Assembly Elections. BJP was relegated to the third position. The party did well in the Parliament election by winning eight seats (same as Congress) but it is more about the Modi wave than Kishan Reddy’s hard work or popularity.

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Giving another chance to Kishan Reddy is more about rewarding Loyalty and also to keep the influential Reddy community happy. Even the party supporters are not happy.

Bandi Sanjay’s selection also evoked a mixed response.

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Bandi is a very aggressive leader and led the party very well during his tenure as the State BJP President.

He also registered some stunning results in the By-elections during his tenure. Many believe that once he is changed, the BJP lost momentum and got bad results in the Assembly elections.

There is a common notion in the public that Bandi is more of a politician dependent on polarizing voters and less on the subject.

So, there is a divide even in the party supporters in welcoming this appointment.

The party cadre feels Etala Rajendar, Dharmapuri Aravind, and DK Aruna are better choices for the Union Cabinet while Bandi Sanjay is more suited to be the State President to take on Revanth Reddy and the BRS.