YSRCP tasted a humiliating defeat in the recently concluded general elections in Andhra Pradesh. The party tasted victory only in 11 places out of the 175 constituencies where they contested.

TDP emerged as the single largest party in the elections while Janasena surprised everyone by standing in second place. However, YSRCP leaders are now showcasing lame reasons for their defeat.

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Instead of accepting the people’s mandate, the leaders of YSRCP are just following their chief Jagan blindly.

Recently, YS Jagan tweeted that he is suspicious of EVM tampering and claimed it to be a reason for their loss in elections. In reality, he has contradicted his own statement from the past.

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Now, Gudivada ex-legislator Kodali Nani has also opined that they lost the election because of EVM manipulation. He compared EVMs to Sakuni Pachikalu and said EVMs worked according to the whims and fancies of TDP, Janasena, and BJP.

Kodali Nani claimed that his party introduced a lot of welfare schemes for public and carried out several service activities for public.

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“Despite that, we lost in the election and it has worked in the favour of TDP, Janasena and BJP alliance,” said Nani.

Nani hinted that the EVMs worked against them, resulting in their loss in the election. He also attributed the opinion to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

It is sad state of affairs that these loser politicians blaming the EVMs for their loss. The people are watching and they are just making themselves laughing stock.

Social Media is mocking Nani saying that Boothula Nani is coming up with Buffoon Arguments now!