Revanth Reddy

Following the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress high command is focused on selecting a new Telangana PCC Chief. The current PCC Chief and Chief Minister, Revanth Reddy, is set to concentrate solely on governance.

It’s a tradition to change the president after they become CM. The problem is, that they don’t seem to have leaders like Revanth Reddy who can lead strongly which has become a headache for the Congress party.

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Revanth was very active as president, criticizing opponents and leading the party strongly. Although finding someone as effective as Revanth Reddy seems unlikely, they’re looking for a leader with similar strength to take over.

Several senior leaders have expressed their aspirations for the PCC Chief role.

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Working President Thoorpu Jagga Reddy and MLA Komatireddy Raj Gopal Reddy have made their interest known to the high command. Deputy CM Bhatti Vikramarka and Minister Ponnam Prabhakar are also in the race.

The decision will likely favor a leader from the BC, SC, or ST communities, given that the current Chief Minister is from the Reddy community.

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The appointment of a new PCC Chief is expected to be a strategic move to strengthen the party’s position and prepare for upcoming challenges.

While it is challenging to find a leader of Revanth Reddy’s caliber, the search continues for a capable individual to take on the PCC presidency and lead the party forward.