Kaleshwaram Project

The damage to piers in the Medigadda Barrage of the Kaleshwaram Project proved to be one of the huge moles in the governance of the BRS party.

Recently, construction company L&T began repairs on the Medigadda Barrage, but new issues are emerging during the process.

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Yesterday, a large pit was discovered near the damaged 20 and 21 number pillars, and similar pits are being found throughout the barrage area.

In response, L&T has reinstalled the “No Entry” board at the barrage after discovering the pits, raising doubts about the barrage’s structural integrity. It is reported that L&T is restricting access, especially to the media, to avoid exposing these structural failures.

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After inspecting the Kaleshwaram Project, the National Dam Safety Authority (NDSA) instructed the government to complete repairs on the Medigadda, Sundilla, and Annaram Barrages before the monsoon season.

Following these orders, the state government directed L&T to commence repairs immediately. Chief Minister Revanth Reddy also planned to visit Medigadda next week.

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However, shortly after repairs began, a large pit was found, causing concern that more faults might be revealed. Consequently, L&T decided to restrict access to the site area. This has led to public doubts about the number of faults in the project.

According to the NDSA’s report, all water in these three barrages must be lifted immediately, storing water would cause further damage to the barrages. However, the poor construction quality seems to be complicating this process and causing additional damage to the barrages.

Meanwhile, questions are arising about the potential for the barrages to fail again after repairs costing hundreds of crores. Overall, L&T’s handling of the repairs is drawing public criticism and it has to be seen how Revanth Reddy’s government would tackle the situation.