This is an interesting election of two Madhavis who garnered massive attention and ended up with two different results.

Telugu Desam Party fielded Reddappagari Madhavi Reddy from the Kadapa Assembly. It is the first time a party fielded a woman for the Kadapa Assembly which is dominated by Reddys and Minorites.

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Madhavi Reddy pulled off a sensational victory by winning over Deputy CM Amjab Basha with a whopping 18860 votes majority.

Madhavi’s tough nature, clarity of thought, and confidence impressed the people of Kadapa very much.

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BJP, on the other hand, fielded Madhavi Latha against Asaduddin Owaisi in the Hyderabad Parliament.

Madhavi Latha tried to invoke Hindu sentiment and polarize the voters in favor of the BJP.

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Her campaign was also marred by some controversies, including the surfacing of a viral video where she was seen pretending to draw an arrow and fire it at a mosque during a Ram Navami rally in Hyderabad on 17 April. Following the incident, Latha clarified that it was a doctored video and apologized for hurting any sentiments.

On the polling day, she removed the Burqa of a Muslim woman to check her identity. That also gave her the wrong press.

She garnered nationwide attention with these planks but her theatrics against Muslims resulted in extreme polarization of the Minorities.

Owaisi secured a commanding 6,61,981 votes, while Latha managed 3,23,894 votes, resulting in a margin of over 3,38,087 lakh votes.

Madhavi also blamed Hindus for her defeat an indication that there is no lesson learned.

That’s the tale of two Madhavis in this election.

One Madhavi breached the Kadapa fort with a positive campaign and the other Madhavi got a humiliating defeat mostly due to her own mistakes.