Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy visited Tirumala last night and had the darshan of the Lord in the early hours today.

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He is in Tirumala to offer the first hair of his grandson.

After the darshan, speaking to the media, Revanth Reddy said, “I want to have good relations with the government that will be formed in AP. I prayed to God that the people of Telugu states would be happy. Both the Telugu states should develop with the blessings of Swamy”.

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Yesterday, Revanth Reddy stayed at Rachana Guest House in Tirumala.

Rachana Guest House belongs to Rachana Television which owns the popular News Channel, NTV.

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It is known to our readers that NTV and TV9 – the Top two News Channels have worked in favor of BRS even during the election season.

But once the power changed, everything seems to have fallen in place and NTV seems to be trying to be in the Good books of the Chief Minister.

Telangana Parliament elections are concluded and the results will be out on June 4th.

There are rumors that the BJP may put up a strong show and end up with the highest number of seats.

If that happens, we may see further changes in the Telugu Media Space.