Sharmila Demands an Inquiry

After YSRC lost, one shocking allegation has been coming out every day, making everyone realize why people rejected YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, giving him only eleven (11) seats out of 175.

The other day, it was about the government furniture Jagan kept at his house, knowing that it is public money. Today, the AP government issued a notice to return the furniture.

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Next, the most lavish Rushikonda palace built for Jagan’s home stunned everyone with the inside visuals.

Though YSRC leaders tried their best to convince people that it was built for tourism purposes, even a child in India can tell if Jagan built such luxurious buildings for the common public to visit.

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While this topic is trending everywhere and photos and videos are all over, Jagan’s own sister, YS Sharmila, responded.

She said, “It is the people’s money, and this is not excusable. People should know why this kind of money was used, and a sitting judge should inquire into this matter. The truth will come out, and if action needs to be taken, it should be taken. YRCP has taken on debt to the tune of 8 lakh crores, and spending money like this is not excusable.”

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