We are ten days away from the counting. The Verdict of Andhra Pradesh Voters will be out on that day and there is so much tension about who will be the next Chief Minister.

In the last five years, Jagan Mohan Reddy took the Vendetta Politics to Peak and so the party that will be losing will be in deep trouble in the coming five years.

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The Speculations about the Results are also equally confusing.

TDP+ is confident that it will come to power. National-level pollsters and Surveys are predicting a wave in favor of the alliance.

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YSR Congress, however, is hopeful that the DBT Transfers and Caste Politics will not let it down.

YSR Congress cadres are trying to put up a brave face saying that the buzz about TDP winning is because the voters of the alliance are vocal and the silent vote that will be in the majority will steer them to win.

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But some political experts say that may not be the case.

“Due to the Vendetta Politics of the YSR Congress, some sections of the people especially the beneficiaries are silent. That is because they do not want to take the risk of revealing their voting choice and hurt YSR Congress. They fear their welfare schemes will be removed by the Volunteers in case Jagan comes back. YSR Congress can not say the silent vote is entirely their own,” they say.

There is a high level of micromanagement in every house in Jagan Government as he appointed one volunteer for every fifty houses. So, the vulnerable sections of society are hesitant to reveal their voting choices.

The Ban on Exit Polls will be over by June 1st, 6 PM. We will get an idea of where this election is headed to.