Stock Market Chandrababu Naidu Narendra Modi

Telugu Desam Party, along with BJP and JSP returned to power in Andhra Pradesh in the most emphatic manner by winning 164 our of the 175 MLAs. Especially, Chandrababu’s return to power is marked by significant upswing trends in the national stock market.

Going by the latest reports, the stocks linked to Chandrababu Naidu are even outperforming the stocks linked to PM Modi.

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The stocks that are linked to the AP CM rallied by around Rs 20,000 crores in 8 trading sessions since the day the alliance was voted to power in AP.

While capex and infrastructure-linked PSU and corporate stocks related to PM Modi have also rallied, they are being outperformed by CBN’s stocks, the most significant one being Heritage Foods.

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Prior to the poll results, Heritage Foods shares were at Rs 424, and after the election result it hit a record high of Rs 661.25. It is now trending at 578. This is beyond the numbers put up by the PSU stocks that are influenced by Modi.