Team CBN: Big Responsibility For PK, Big Aspirations On Lokesh

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu finally finished the Suspense over the Portfolios of his team. The list is completely filled with surprises.

Pawan Kalyan, the Deputy Chief Minister got important portfolios like Rural Development, Rural Drinking Water Supply, and Panchayat Raj. He also got the highest number of Portfolios among all the Ministers.

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Lokesh who was the most successful Minister in 2014-19 got crucial Portfolios like HRD, IT, Electronics & Communication, and Real Time Governance.

HRD means Education Ministry which has ample scope to show an impression. With IT and Electronics, Lokesh will carry the aspirations of Crores of Andhra people who would expect him to put Andhra Pradesh on Global Investments Map.

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There are certain interesting aspects as well in the List.

Ponguru Narayana was given Municipal Administration and Urban Development, the same ministry he handled in 2014-19. This is to ensure continuity and speed up Amaravati works.

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CBN threw a surprise by giving Finance Portfolio to Payyavula Keshav. He picked Keshav over the Experienced Ram Narayana Reddy. Keshav who is known for his subject skills will have the crucial responsiblity to steer the state which has become debt-ridden due to Jagan‘s bad practices.

Another Surprise is People’s MLA and First Time Minister, Nimmala Ramanaidu getting the Crucial Water Resources Portfolio. CBN entrusted him the responsibility of Early completion of Polavaram Project and other Pending Projects. Probably his commitment to Public cause convinced CBN that Nimmala is the right person.

Anitha Vangalapudi gets the Important Ministry of Home Affairs and Disaster Management. Kinjarapu Atchhannaidu gets Agriculture while Kollu Ravindra gets Mines.

Check out the Complete List: