Andhra Pradesh Assembly sat for the first session today after the Elections.

After Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan took oath.

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It was an emotional day for Pawan Kalyan and it is clearly visible on his face.

He wore a serious look but clearly many thoughts were running in his mind.

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At this juncture, an old video of Roja surfaced on Social Media. In the Video, Roja is saying – “Its been fifteen years since you came into politics. Forget MLA, you could not even become a ward member. అసలు నువ్వెంత? నీ బ్రతుకెంత? నీ స్థాయి ఎంత?”.

Here is the answer. Pawan Kalyan, the Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh with Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, Environment, Forests, and Science and Technology portfolios.

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On the other side, Roja who abused Pawan Kalyan had lost the election and is cooling her heels in her house and Sakshi Studio.

Another video is also doing rounds on social media. Pithapuram TDP Incharge SVSN Varma is answering for YSR Congress’s leaders comment that they would not allow Pawan Kalyan to touch even the Assembly Gate.

“Assembly Gate తన్నుకుని వెళ్తాడు…తాకడం ఎందుకు?,” Varma is seen telling in the video.