It’s been more than ten years since the YSR Congress was founded and the party already faced three elections. But it is still clueless about how to approach the people of Vijayawada, one of the most important cities in the state.

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The party did not win the Vijayawada Parliament even once in the three elections.

In 2014, it has fielded industrialist Koneru Prasad for the Parliament. He was brought before the elections and disappeared after the results.

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In 2019, Potluri Vara Prasad is their candidate. There was Jagan’s wave across the state but TDP won here once again. The party leadership did not co-operate with PVP and he was shunted out of the party after the election.

In the two elections, Jagan was in Opposition and understandably he did not have time to groom leadership in the Opposition’s strongest seat.

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But nothing happened between 2019 and 2024. There was no candidate until the last minute and he had to give the ticket to Kesineni Nani who was rejected ticket in the TDP.

The result remained the same and the TDP again won with a whopping 282,085 votes majority.

Kesineni Nani announced his Political Retirement now and the YSR Congress will again have no incharge for the Vijayawada Parliament.

Vallabhaneni Vamsi and Devineni Avinash are the only options now for Jagan. But they will not dare to take it in the present circumstances.

Given that the YSR Congress is almost facing the danger of extinction, it is impossible for anyone to look it at.

In all probability, a similar story will repeat in 2024 provided the party remains until then.