Vijay Sai Reddy Tweets On JP Nadda Chandrababu Naidu Meet

Vijaysai Reddy faced his first election for Nellore Parliament. While Sai Reddy worked in Vishakapatnam Parliament for more than three years, he was airdropped in Nellore Parliament at the last minute after Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy joined TDP.

Survey reports are not at all favorable for Sai Reddy in Nellore.

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After a brief break from X, Sai Reddy is back and tries to take a jab at Chandrababu Naidu.

He went on to ridicule the TDP Supremo that he ended with 23 MLAs in 2019 because he took 23 YSR Congress MLAs and will end up with four MLAs this time since four YSR Congress joined TDP. He even added that the counting is also on the fourth of June.

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While this is good for WhatsApp forwards in YSR Congress groups, Sai Reddy seems to be missing a simple logic.

Chandrababu ended up with 23 MLAs for taking 23 YSR Congress MLAs and by the same principle, YSR Congress should end up with three MLAs for having taken three TDP MLAs after the 2019 elections.

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Chandrababu at least directly admitted the twenty-three MLAs, Jagan took the three TDP MLAs and used them as defacto YSR Congress MLAs.

Probably, Sai Reddy feels principles of Justice work as per their convenience.

Sai Reddy is a politician and better talk politics. He should leave these silly theories for the WhatsApp University Uncles.

Sai Reddy has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha for two times now. He should work in this break to make his presence something productive significant time had lapsed without anything.