There are numerous rumors circulating on social media and in national media about the potential inclusion of TDP ministers in the Union cabinet. The stock markets have soared following speculation about Chandrababu Naidu joining Modi’s cabinet. Both national and social media have highlighted CBN’s demands for ministries.

Reportedly, CBN has requested the Lok Sabha Speaker post in addition to ministries. If this rumor is true, it represents a surprising and significant development. The million-dollar question is: why is CBN insisting on the Speaker post?

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There is a strong reason behind his demand. According to sources, CBN remains skeptical of the BJP’s intentions. Political parties, especially regional ones, often fear the BJP’s influence. Regional parties struggle to maintain their existence in Indian politics. CBN believes that if the BJP tries to persuade TDP MPs to switch parties, the Lok Sabha Speaker position would be crucial in handling disqualification issues.

If CBN is genuinely demanding the Speaker post, it indicates his lack of complete trust in Modi. This situation mirrors the scenario in 1999 when the TDP secured the Speaker position in the Lok Sabha under Prime Minister Vajpayee.

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At that time, the TDP supported the BJP government from outside without taking ministerial positions. Back then, the BJP was perceived as an untouchable political entity. The TDP took the risk to support the BJP for the development of Andhra Pradesh. Now, demanding the Speaker position seems to be a strategic move by CBN to safeguard the TDP’s interests.

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