The most epic battle of the AP election is over, and Jagan-led YSR Congress faced the most shameful defeat and outright rejection by the people of AP.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy used iPAC to brand Nara Lokesh as Pappu, and the less we talk about the body shaming YCP did on Lokesh, the better.

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But now, Lokesh has worked with ‘Kasi’ and changed himself into a new man. The transformation was unbelievable; it’s not just losing weight but also the maturity he has shown, the grip on the party filled with veterans, and most importantly, the subject matter he has displayed through numerous interactions during his Padayatra shocked many.

On the other hand, YS Jagan, in five years, conducted a single press meet after defeat. This was the only press conference he conducted, and he did not read from paper. Even his Siddham meetings, he depended on paper to address the public.

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In contrast, Lokesh was ready to take any questions from Tv9, Ntv, and Sakhi reporters during his press interactions.

But the biggest achievement was Nara Lokesh contesting the toughest seat without depending on caste and social equations and scoring a thumping majority of over 90K votes.

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Meanwhile, Jagan, who has been contesting in the easiest seat, won with only 60K votes.

Now, who is the real hero here? Is it Lokesh, who rose from the ashes and scored one of the highest majorities in the state, or YS Jagan, who settled with just a 60K majority?

Not only that, Lokesh worked hard for the party and his father Chandrababu during the most difficult times the party has ever faced, but what has Jagan done? Changing the nameplate of NTR University to YSR University?

Not only that, Lokesh’s majority is way higher than KTR, who won with 29K votes.