Woman Dating Scam

Beware of a disturbing trend unfolding in Hyderabad: a dating scam that’s trapping unsuspecting men at an alarming rate. What’s particularly shocking is that it’s not a lone incident but a pattern emerging from various victims.

Here’s how it unfolds: men, hopeful for a romantic connection, match with a woman on popular dating apps like Tinder or Bumble. The conversation flows smoothly, and before they know it, they’re meeting up at a local club.

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The woman, often claiming to be a makeup artist new to the city, spins a convincing tale of wanting companionship in her new surroundings. However, what follows is a costly trap.

At the club, she orders the most expensive drinks without consulting the menu, leaving the men shocked when the bill arrives, ranging from a staggering 20,000 to 40,000 rupees. To their disbelief, she refuses to contribute a single penny towards the exorbitant tab.

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What’s even more troubling is that this isn’t an isolated incident. Multiple victims have come forward, sharing similar experiences of being duped by the same woman at the same club.

This isn’t merely a case of men scamming men online. These are real women, operating with confidence and impunity, preying on unsuspecting men day in and day out.

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It’s unclear what their motive is or how they benefit from this deceit, but one thing is for certain: they’re making a living out of exploiting others’ trust.

So, if you’re in the dating scene in Hyderabad, exercise caution. Don’t fall victim to this elaborate scam that’s targeting hopeful romantics and leaving them with hefty bills and shattered expectations.