NEET 2024

National Entrance Cum Eligibility Test aka NEET, the entrance test to choose our country’s future doctors. When it was implemented many thought it would lead to a merit based selection of the deserving candidates and it was marketed as such against the old system of selection based on class 12th marks.

Ever since NTA (National Testing Agency) recieved the responsibility of conducting NEET, it has become more of a comedy than many movies, a tragic one.

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Yesterday, after the Lok Sabha results were revealed, NTA decided to release the score card for NEET 2024. What a mockery it was of the exam, system, students and the future of Indian healthcare! 67 students scored full marks in an exam of 720 marks. This means that even if you scored full marks, you cannot get admission in the topmost medical college of the country i.e. AIIMS, New Delhi because there are only 50 seats for the open category.

The comedy begins now, to decide who will recieve the acceptance letter from AIIMS and who will miss out, NTA will follow the tie-breaking criteria. But, since every single one of them recieved full marks, mark criteria are out of the picture.

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How will NTA decide? If you are older, you will be going to AIIMS, a way to honor the old. Even if your age is tied with others, your application number will decide your fate!

Such a great system it is!

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It gets more tragic when you get to know about the paper leaks during the exam. The paper was leaked in many parts of the country yet it was not cancelled. Now, there have been reports that seven candidates from the same centre have scored 720. How much of a coincidence is this? When just a few years ago, 720 was unreachable even in dreams, now it is being awarded as if it were an Indian movie award.

Students have been complaining about the poor quality of questions asked in the exam with cut-off increasing every year. Yet nothing has been done to improve the quality. Rather it has been going downhill.

There have been reports of students getting 719 and 718 marks which is impossible in normal scenarios since the only possible score after 720 is 716 (if one answers 179 questions correctly and doesn’t attempt one).

The widespread outcry led to NTA releasing a statement that it awarded bonus points as directed by the court to students who got less time to attempt their questions.

It all sounds like a big fat scam. From the paper leaks to the quality of question paper and now the results. If the trend continues, students should choose alternative than to continue in this mockery of education that focuses more on rote learning than actual knowledge.