Pakistani Cricketer Haris Rauf

The T20 World Cup 2024 is an event to forget for the Pakistan team. Coming into the world cup, they were quite sure about qualifying for the super 8 as they had to face only one tough team in their group which was India. But the Pakistan team faced elimination which humiliated it in front of the world. The frustration among the players is now visible and this viral video is a proof of that.

Pakistani fast bowler Haris Rauf was caught on camera getting into a heated altercation with some fans in the United States. It appears that some fans passing by him said something which provoked the fast bowler.

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In the video, Rauf can be seen trying to run and get to the person who is also not stepping back to neutralize the situation. A few other people can be seen trying to keep them separated so there’s no physical altercation.

The team players have felt humiliation as the media and fans have been extremely harsh on them. Their loss against the host USA is considered to be one of the biggest upsets in world cricket.

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Haris Rauf’s reaction to the fan has drawn some criticism from the cricketing community. It is definitely not acceptable and only reflects the poor state these cricketers are in right now.