Raids On Eateries

The food sector is one of the few sectors that have significantly benefited from social media in recent years.

Thousands of food bloggers, vloggers, and influencers have emerged in this “Instagram” era, sharing their so-called expert opinions on various eateries and food items.

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Of late, we are witnessing the raids done on various restaurants by the task force teams of the Commissioner of Food Safety across Telangana.

They are uncovering unhygienic environments and spoiled raw materials in most of these eateries. Even many popular high-profile restaurants were found to be committing hygiene violations, eventually putting the health of their customers in danger.

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Meanwhile, social media users following these raids and inspections are questioning where to eat if such are the conditions even in high-profile eateries.

On top of that, some people believe that food bloggers majorly contribute to the issue of unhygienic food being served in restaurants, especially in Hyderabad.

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Generally, food bloggers frequently visit various eateries and restaurants around the city and 90% of the time, they praise the food without being critical.

Their promotions result in high footfalls at food stalls and restaurants every day. As a result, these eateries started prioritizing their business over public health.

Most of these eateries also pay the food bloggers to write positive reviews or make positive vidoes. In that way, these influencers earn a lot of money just by promoting those eateries.

In their quest for more likes, shares, and subscriptions, food bloggers focus solely on taste, neglecting to address the hygiene standards of the eateries. They blatantly ignore the cleanliness of the restaurants, the raw materials used and the hygiene standards of the food items.

If food bloggers were responsible and used their influence to educate the public about hygiene and criticize restaurants that were not following hygiene standards, the food sector could improve significantly.

People are hoping that, at least now, food bloggers and influencers will realize the damage they are causing and start talking about the importance of hygiene and the hygiene standards of the eateries in their reviews.