The stage is being prepared for the mega auction in the IPL and it is likely that we could see many interesting names entering the hammer zone this year.

The discussion now is about the price that the current captain of Indian cricket team, Rohit Sharma will be fetching.

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Rohit is set to leave Mumbai Indians this year and he is nearly confirmed to move to a new side in the auction.

Rohit used to get a salary of Rs 16 crores in the IPL with Mumbai Indians and this could be a yardstick of what is to come.

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As of now, Kolkata Knight Riders are being seen as the firm suitors for Rohit. At the same time, there could be last minute entrants like Chennai, Lucknow and others in the final rounds of auction.

According to a conservative estimate, Rohit could be going in the range of Rs 10+ crores in the auction and the number could go up based on the competition.

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