MS Dhoni is the biggest name in the IPL circuit as he single-handedly pulls monstrous crowds to the stadiums. The star player has turned 42 now and there are doubts on his fitness scale to continue for another season.

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After CSK’s gutting defeat to RCB in the virtual knockout game earlier, there were doubts if it would be the final game of Dhoni in the IPL. This added to the narrative that Dhoni is 42 already and can’t continue much longer.

However, according to the latest clarification from the CSK franchise, there is no affirmative update on Dhoni’s retirement.

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“Dhoni has not told anybody in CSK that he is quitting – he has told the management that he will wait for a couple of months before taking a final call” the comment from CSK management read.

What this essentially means is that Dhoni will take the call on his retirement in possibly two months from now. For the time being, he will remain as an active player and it has to be seen when he would take the call on his retirement.

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