T20 World Cup India Vs Pakistan Match: Ticket Costs Rs 1.46 Crore

The all-important clash between India and Pakistan in the ongoing T20 world cup is virtually around 24 hours from now. As the stage is being prepared for the hugely anticipated game, we are hearing a very interesting update on the ticketing prices.

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According to the latest reports, there is this one ticket that is listed for resale on Stubhub which is priced at $175,000. This roughly converts Rs 1.46 crore ticket price per this one single ticket.

The said ticket is for seat number 30 in row 20 of section 252 in the stadium. This makes this ticket the costliest listing pertaining to the game. This speaks volumes about the kind of anticipation riding on the game.

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That said, no one has bought the ticket thus far and that is understandable considering the humongous price ticket that it comes with. No one has secured this insanely high priced ticket.

It is known that India vs Pakistan games are widely popular in the cricketing community but does this substantiate such a massive price of Rs 1.46 crore? We will know soon as the game is commencing at 8 PM IST tomorrow.

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