5 Million Indians

Indians living in America has reached the 5million mark. These 5 million Indians are significantly influencing many facets of American life despite comprising just 1.5% of the US population (33.33 crores). They have emerged as the most powerful immigrant groups in the US.

A recent report highlights substantial contributions by Indians in business, academia, culture, and public service.

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In the business landscape, Indian-Americans lead 16 Fortune 500 companies, such as Google and Vertex Pharmaceuticals, collectively employing 2.7 million Americans and generating close to a trillion dollars in revenue.

They also play a pivotal role in the startup ecosystem, co-founding 72 out of 648 US unicorns like Cambridge Mobile Telematics and Solugen. These startups employ over 55,000 people and have a combined valuation of $195 billion.

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Moreover, Indian-Americans own a substantial majority of US hotels and contribute significantly to the country’s tax base, estimated at $250-300 billion annually. Their businesses indirectly create over 11 million American jobs.

In academia and innovation, Indian-Americans hold a remarkable share of US patents and receive a significant portion of National Institutes of Health grants.

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Figures like Navin Varadarajan and Subra Suresh have made groundbreaking advancements in fields like healthcare and sustainability.

Culturally, Indian-Americans have enriched American life through contributions in cuisine, wellness practices, yoga, festivals, fashion, literature, and philanthropy.

Icons like Deepak Chopra and Vikas Khanna have popularized Ayurveda and Indian cuisine, while festivals like Diwali are widely celebrated. In literature, authors like Jhumpa Lahiri offer profound insights into the Indian-American experience.

Politically, Indian-Americans are increasingly visible, holding numerous key positions in the federal administration, including Vice President Kamala Harris, marking significant milestones in American history.

Indian stars like Shah Rukh Khan, SS Rajamouli, Mahesh Babu, Prabhas, and many others have captivated the hearts of the US audiences, transcending borders. Their magnetic charisma and unparalleled talent have earned them a devoted fan base that rivals even the biggest names in Hollywood.

The Indian diaspora in the United States eagerly invests their time, money, and emotions into experiencing the magic of Indian cinema on the silver screen.

This fervent support has not only transformed movie theaters into cultural hubs but also injected a significant boost into the country’s economy, as millions flock to witness the extraordinary world of Indian films.

In conclusion, the 5 million Indians living in America have become a force to be reckoned with, leaving a profound impact on the lives of 33 crore Americans.