Crazy Condition Of Food

When you let corporations have a free hand, it ultimately takes away your own freedom and you are reduced to a mere consumer with virtually no choices. America, the great land of freedom, is in fact just the mirage of it for its citizens. There are corporations which decide what breakfast you’re gonna have, what shows you need to watch and clothes you should wear.

The illusion of freedom is so intense that people don’t realize what they’re missing. A video is going viral on the internet in which a woman can be seen showing how the watermelon she bought is so ‘rubbery’.

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It is a wonder for most of us that how on earth have they been convinced into buying watermelons that feel like rubber balls. But it won’t be a surprise if it becomes the only watermelon that Americans are aware of because corporations decide to ditch the real watermelon for cost cutting.

This seems totally possible as one of the Americans commented how surprised they were when they ate delicious watermelon with seeds in Thailand. An average American isn’t even aware that watermelons are supposed to have seeds so how can we be sure that they won’t accept this as natural.

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