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Late professor Amit Patel was a doctor of Indian origin who was renowned for his knowledge in his particular field of interest.

A botched medical procedure had a big role to play in his passing away. He was a highly regarded member of the hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis National Multi-Disciplinary Team and his death was a tragic loss.

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He passed away in October 2021 due to incompetent treatment.

The 43-year-old Manchester-based National Health Service Consultant Haematologist had a flawed recommendation by the national HLH MDT. It was based on a presentation that was apparently incomplete.

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The coroner’s ruling made it very clear that if the HLH MDT had gone through all the relevant information thoroughly and the EBUS procedure had not taken place on 2nd September, his passing away could have been avoided.

The Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust has taken the initiative to investigate his passing away and the treatment he went through as his death was a tragic loss to society and the medical field in general.

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He was not only a scholar in his field with a huge list of medical achievements, but he was also a good human being, a beloved husband, and a cherished father.