US Green card

The U.S. is currently experiencing layoffs rather than job growth, causing concern for both immigrants and U.S. citizens.

Many MS students are clueless about their future in the U.S. and why they are staying in America, as they are unsure about their chances with H1-B visas or job prospects.

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Even experienced immigrants are facing tough times, as major firms like Amazon and Google have halted Green Card (PERM) applications for the rest of the year.

These companies have stated that they do not know when they will resume Green Card filings.

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With several tech giants reducing their workforce and halting new Green Card filings, immigrants in the U.S. are facing sleepless nights.

Even these companies are making no exceptions for the folks who are highly skilled and needed for their teams. They are saying, “Guys, don’t ask for Green Cards, please, It’s a corporate policy now.”

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