Holiday Becomes Death Invitation

Whenever one is going in the oceans or sea we always tell them to have a safe journey but being adults sometimes forgets that nature is much more powerful than human beings.

On Wednesday, a 35-year-old male and a 33-year-old female, both Indian nationals, were drowned in a sea beach near Hambantota in southern Sri Lanka. As they were on a vacatio.

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They were rescued while drowning after being dragged away by strong waves, but died upon admission to the Debarawewa Hospital.

The police did not provide the identities of the victims.

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The primary reason for this tragic death could be, the sudden hit of the wave which can possibly damage some parts, other than that while being drowned they probably consumed much ocean water which can lead to a possible death, although many deaths like this happen because of the shock as well.

Not much information about this death was found, but it seems like the death rate in foreign lands have increased exponentially during this year and last year.

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