Indian American Couple

If there was something extremely valuable to possess this summer, it was tickets to the T20 World Cup hosted by the United States of America and Caribbean. The tickets to matches of the Indian cricket team were getting sold out within minutes and hence many people who dreamt of watching a world cup game, missed the opportunity.

However, an Indian origin couple in the United States came up with a very pricey solution to this. The International Cricket Council (ICC) made Cricbuster their official OTA. The company managed by the Indian couple started offering package deals for those who wanted to catch the action live.

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The company made package deals which included the match ticket, accommodation, flights and transfers, and other activities. This allowed the company to charge exorbitantly high prices as they were selling a package deal.

The company even arranged chartered flights especially for the fans who booked the package. Getting last minute flights was very difficult and during the super 8 and knock out stages, it was not possible to know the next destination in advance. The company hence arranged chartered flights especially for the world cup.

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This allowed people with money to have an opportunity at getting to see their superstars live but those who couldn’t afford the whole package had no hopes of getting a ticket at a fair price if they miss the window of booking.

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