Vedant Patel

In recent years, Indian Americans have left a mark in the US political sphere. There has been a significant growth in the number of Indian origin politicians running for offices. But this growth is not just in the political arena. Indian Origin bureaucrats have also found themselves in a much better position in the White House bureaucracy.

Vedant Patel has created history by becoming the first ever Indian American to hold a US State Department press briefing. Vedant is the principal deputy spokesperson of the US Department of State. He is also going to host an in-person briefing on Wednesday.

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During his briefing, he addressed sensitive issues like Russian invasion, Iran nuclear deal etc. These press briefings involve very sensitive information and the appointment of an Indian American shows the growing trust in the community.

Vedant was born in Gujarat and he completed his graduation in California. He has worked closely with Joe Biden in both the White House and election campaigns. He is only 33 and has a long and promising career ahead of him.

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