Is American President Even Fit To Be President?

Most of the important jobs around the world have an upper age limit. After a certain age the job responsibilities start getting beyond the capability of that person. However, there’re no such regulations when it comes to the most important job possible. You can be 80 or 90 and still run a country whether it’s a democracy or a dictatorship. Joe Biden who is running for his re-election has made us question if we should do something about it.

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Joe Biden is 81 and he’s definitely not in his prime. The man is looking to run the USA for another 4 years when he is not even sure if he can physically function for that many years. Virtually the strongest person in the whole world was seen completely lost and disoriented at a G7 event in Italy which has sparked a debate over whether he’s even capable of running the country.

All the G7 leaders were present to witness the paratroopers perform and Joe Biden seemed to have lost touch with the group. He can be seen looking in the opposite direction and walking. Giorgia Meloni, the Italian Prime Minister can be seen bringing him back to the group.

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This raises a lot of questions around who’s actually calling shots in America. Some are wondering if Joe Biden is even in command or is just acting as a front for other forces. It is not just him who’s suffering from old age, his rival Donald Trump is also 78. It’s a wonder if parties want their candidates to be that old so that if someone pesters them with questions they can charge them with elder abuse.

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