System Kill 21 Months Indian Baby

Since the beginning of this year, deaths of Indian origin have increased in foreign land. Starting from students to right now a toddler nobody has been left.

The death of the 21-month-old could have been avoided, if the blood test was done.

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Sandipan Dhar, from the northern Perth suburb of Joondalup, was under leukaemia on March 24.

His parents Sanjoy and Saraswati Dhar took him to Key Largo Medical Centre, as the baby was fighting with extreme fever.

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Now this is a normal thing that if you are going through extremely bad fever, then you should do a blood test to identify what disease you are going through.

But, after several requests from Sandipan’s parents, the request for a blood test was met with refusal.

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Doctors reportedly assured them that no further tests were necessary and advised monitoring Sandipan at home.

Now, it was hard for Sanjoy and Saraswati to catch what’s going on because the baby would not cry, or express any signs of pain.

Sanjoy Dhar said, “We were not satisfied with his treatment, so we went to the hospital straight from the medical centre”. But, despite having those symptoms the hospital staff tagged him as completely fine on March 22.

At this point, the ignorance of the health care centres were at its peak.

Western Australia’s Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson said that, “It’s certainly the case that the family feels they weren’t heard.”

They are saying that Sanjoy Dhar disputed any language barriers, asserting that effective communication should transcend accents.

But, Dhar said , “I may not have an Australian accent … but I think that English is enough to communicate.”

The system has failed them. Not listening to one when they are in a crisis situation, leaving a little soul in such a state which led to his death, just because of ignorance is a shameful action.