Indian American Taral Patel

The latest scandal that has emerged in this regard is related to the story when an Indian-American leader accused the others of racial profiling her online. Taral Patel, a democrat has been accused of pulling some dirty tricks in his bid.

In the case of the Patel campaign, Patel was accused of opening fake social media account imitating supporters of Meyers then makes statements that are damaging to Patel’s campaign yet gives an entirely wrong impression.

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Patel’s alleged misconduct is a clear violation of the professional and legal guidelines that are in place to protect patients and more so, accountability and transparency have been demanded. It is important to note that honesty and integrity are important in politics and therefore any candidate who vies for a position must do it in a truthful manner.

This case shows the risks of following fake news and the need to investigate the real story before making decisions. The actions of a leader are not only bad for the leader’s reputation but are also detrimental to the actual cases of racial targeting.

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