Rishi Sunak

The West has always portrayed itself as the flagbearer of equality yet more than often we get to see acts of racism against people of colour surfacing on the internet.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni hosted the recent G7 summit and we got to witness a very awkward moment between Rishi Sunak and Giorgia Meloni. Like the other guests, he was also greeted by the PM and in the video there was a moment where it seemed like he went for a hug and she pulled back.

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The moment was surely awkward to witness but how people have reacted to it with sheer racism is shocking. To some, it was the “smelly curry energy” that made Giorgia Meloni pull back. It is surprising to see that people of the West perceive Indians as the “curry-people”.

The racist remarks did not stop there. Some claimed that he did not get the immigration training on “how not to rape a woman”, implying it is common for people of Indian origin to rape around. Calling him an “immigrant” who smells like “curry and stale feces” clearly shows how the West has progressed and what they think of Indians.

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A nation is not what it preaches in the open but what its people think behind closed doors, and it’s clear that it is hard for them to digest the fact that a Western country like the UK has a Prime minister of Indian origin.


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