WFH Employees Fired

Well, Wells Fargo just fired a bunch of employees for playing the oldest trick in the book: pretending to work by faking keyboard activity. Yep, you heard that right!

These folks were supposedly masters of looking busy while doing nothing, using what some call “mouse movers” or “keyboard cooker whistles.” They literally used cooker whistles to simulate the keyboard.

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Imagine losing your job for pressing keys aimlessly instead of doing actual work! In today’s world of flexible office arrangements, where some people work from home and others don’t, these employees tried to game the system.

But Wells Fargo wasn’t having it. The company upholds high standards and has zero tolerance for such antics. Wells terminated employment of dozen+ employees after reviewing internal security reports.

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The incident has become a subject of mockery on social media. People are having fun with many comparing these employees to secret agents of laziness trying to outsmart everyone. But in the end, the joke was on them.

Their story of attempting to fake it till they make it serves as a warning to many employees working from home: genuine productivity can’t be faked. Wells Fargo fired employees worked in the bank’s wealth and investment management unit, according to the reports.

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