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Latest Sensation Delivers Resounding Flop


In the past ten years, Tamil cinema has seen some amazing filmmakers like Vetrimaaran and Mari Selvaraj who’ve made impactful movies about social issues. These movies don’t just show society; they try to change it as well.

Now, there’s a new movie called “Rebel” by Nikesh RS, starring GV Prakash Kumar. It’s based on true events shot in a raw style like Vetrimaaran films. But sadly, the movie turned out to be a fiasco.

Even though it had a good story, the amateur direction and inefficient storytelling made it a mess. The film is a collage of hard-hitting scenes with no emotional connect. The box office numbers are too low.

The film stars the Premalu sensation Mamitha Baiju. This is her first film in Tamil. In “Rebel,” she mostly appears in slow-motion shots, smiling for no reason. It’s disappointing compared to her refreshing performance in Premalu. However, it is not her fault as the role is very poorly written.

Speaking in her defense, she signed this film much before Premalu was released and became a sensation. So she cannot be blamed for picking up such a poor role and film.

However, Mamitha should be careful in selecting projects. She is a charming actress and can become a popular heroine if she can choose her projects sensibly. Or else she might remain a one-film wonder.