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Raayan (Dhanush)
Jul 26
Operation Ravan
Jul 26
Deadpool & Wolverine
Jul 26
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Aug 1
Aug 2
Usha Parinayam
Aug 2
Tiragabadara Saami
Aug 2
Alanaati Ramachandrudu
Aug 2
Committee Kurrollu
Aug 9
Mr Bachchan
Aug 15
Thangalaan (Vikram)
Aug 15
35 - Chinna Katha Kaadu
Aug 15
Double ISmart
Aug 15
Aug 15
Telugu Reviews
Darling Review: A Patience Test!
BOTTOM LINE A Patience Test RATING 1.75/5 CENSOR U/A, 2h 20m What Is the Film About? Raghav (Priyadarshi) is a travel agent who grows up with the sole aim of marrying a nice girl and taking her to Paris for their honeymoon. After a failed attempt, he tries to commit suicide, only to be saved […]