Chat Gpt Now Offers AI Generated DALL-E Images


OpenAI has improved DALL-E, their AI-powered picture generator, by adding additional features to the ChatGPT interface. These improvements give users the ability to edit DALL-E-generated images directly within ChatGPT and offer style prompts to spark original ideas.

All users can now utilise the tool, independent of their OpenAI account. The ChatGPT online client, iOS, and Android apps all have the in-line editing feature. If they are not happy with the outcome, premium customers can access an edit icon and make photos.

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For customers lacking experience in visual design, OpenAI has combined the AI picture generator with ChatGPT in DALL-E 3. Users can alter specific portions of the image by selecting the edit icon, and the AI will recreate the image based on the changes they make.

This functionality is comparable to that of Microsoft’s Copilot Designer, which debuted a comparable in-line editing tool. In order to encourage users, OpenAI also exhibited style prompts above the text field.

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These prompts allowed users to choose a preferred style and then receive a straightforward prompt to create a picture in that style. The goal of this integration is to facilitate editing for individuals who are not familiar with graphic design.