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Game Changer Song: Thaman Caught Again


Perhaps no South Indian music director gets caught on social media for free making songs as much as Thaman. He is often under the pump on social media as more often than not when his songs get released, there is a customary commotion on social media about these songs being inspired or copied from other songs.

In the case of Thaman’s latest work – Jaragandi from Game Changer, the same thing is repeated again and Thaman is facing his customary round of criticism.

In several social media posts about the Jaragandi song, it is claimed that the opening vocals and orchestration in this song are heavily inspired by the Surro Surra song from NTR’s Shakthi. This meme video is now going viral on social media.

The musical bit in Game Changer might just be a small reference to the song in Shakthi, but given the scale of the Ram Charan starrer, better, more original work is expected of Thaman.

Of late, even small copy works and references are getting caught by netizens and technicians are having to be more specific about their work. Thaman is getting to learn the same the hard way. The onus is now on him to undo this negativity and put up better work in the future.