Nidhhi Agerwal fans palabhishekamNidhhi Agerwal did half-a-dozen films altogether in three different languages aka three films in Telugu, two in Tamil, and one in Hindi. Not one film was memorable for her performance except for Ram’s ‘iSmart Shankar’ for which Nabha Natesh walked away with most of the credit.

Now, it’s strange to know that her fans have built her a temple with Nidhhi Agerwal’s statue as the diety as a gift on Valentine’s day. This comes as no surprise as we have seen Tamil movie fans building temples for Kushboo, Hansika, etc.

Going by the pics that are being circulated on social media, those fans who built the temple have done palabhishekam (drenching the diety in milk), cate cutting ceremony, harathi (worshipping with lit camphor), etc.

Isn’t this a bit too much for an actress who is relatively new to the industry and yet to have a landmark film of her own or a blockbuster with her mark in it? Naturally, the actress is happy but, as surprised as we are because she knows she didn’t make a mark of her own, yet.