Sarkar: Vijay Is Setting New Benchmarks for Others Tamil movie ‘Sarkar’ starring Vijay Ilayapthy in the lead and helmed by AR Murugadoss is presently carrying huge buzz in the business circles. In fact, the movie is setting huge benchmarks for others. The crazy combination of Vijay and Murugadoss that did wonders with their previous outings is the big reason for the huge buzz on ‘Sarkar’.

In Kerala, ‘Sarkar’ will have 24-hour marathon shows starting from 5 a.m. shows to 2:25 a.m. shows on the next day. That means, there would be eight shows in the marathon screening of ‘Sarkar’. 49 locations in Kerala are confirmed for marathon shows and more theaters are expected to be added. If this is the craze for the combo in Kerala, one can imagine the trend in Tamil Nadu.

Maybe, this will set a new trend of adding theaters that would go for the marathon screenings. This is the first time ever a film is getting marathon screenings and it is likely that other biggies with crazy combinations will also try to repeat this feat. We’ve already discussed that the craziness of the movie fans of other languages can never match up to the craze of the Tamil movie lovers.