What's the Target for C/o (Care of) Kancharapalem in the USA?When a film like ‘C/o Kancharapalem‘ is out there in the theatres, it becomes the minimal responsibility of the media to promote the gem as it is a movie without commerciality and known faces. The movie is already receiving huge accolades from the media circles as a must-watch movie and the social media are also buzzing with praises raining on the movie.

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That means, the film has got everything and it’s the audiences who had to go to theatres and make sure that they don’t miss this gem of a film. Normally, the US audiences don’t miss films made with a lot of passion. But, the non-commerciality and unknown faces may hinder their interest to watch in the theatres.

Under these circumstances, what’s the decent target for the movie at the US box-office? No doubt, it’s a good film but will people show up? This is the big question in everyone’s mind. C/o Kancharapalem grossed $55,396 from Thursday premiers and Friday. Saturday numbers will be crucial in deciding the fate of the movie in the US.

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If the movie can pull around $250K, it can be said to be a decent success for a film with no star cast and commercial gimmicks to attract the audiences. There is still hope as NRIs are known to encourage small films that have content and hope, they don’t miss this movie, even. We’ll keep reporting the trade updates. Visit us back.