Kavitha One Week In Jail

It’s been one week since KCR’s Daughter Kavitha got arrested by the ED in the Delhi Liquor Policy case.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is also arrested in the same case. The department is going to question them together and with Kejriwal’s arrest, the case becomes further complicated, and legal experts opine that Kavitha is not going to come out any soon.

The Political Response after Kavitha’s arrest is shockingly disappointing for the BRS.

There is no response from the General public whatsoever. Immediately after the arrest, BRS called for state-wide protests in all assembly constituencies condemning the arrest. The response to the arrest is very sparse. Even the top leadership of BRS did not participate in the protests.

The recent electoral defeat still bogs down the leaders and cadres and are in no mood to hit the streets and face cases in the new Government.

In fact, there is no one talking about the arrest in the media or the social media.

This is an extremely dangerous condition with the Parliament elections approaching.

Many are comparing the situation to that of Chandrababu’s arrest.

There were protests across Andhra Pradesh and even in many areas of Hyderabad and Telangana. People have to the streets in neighboring states as well where there is a significant Telugu population. There were protests in other countries as well.

Definitely, Chandrababu Naidu is a tall politician and comparing Kavitha with him is unfair. There should be some protests considering the fact she is a former CM’s daughter and also played an active role in Telangana Agitation.